PLS&TY changes things up on new house single ‘Your Love’PLSTY

PLS&TY changes things up on new house single ‘Your Love’

Fresh off the heels of his “3 Days, 2 Nights” EP, PLS&TY quickly returns with another hit, “Your Love.” This global dance track masterfully blends tech and deep house with tribal influences, elevated by both Swahili and English vocals from the Kenyan artist, Sofiya Nzau.

Sofiya’s mesmerizing Swahili vocals paired with PLS&TY’s rich production talents create a powerful sonic experience, underlined by compelling basslines and catchy tribal beats. “Your Love” not only showcases PLS&TY’s maturation since his last EP but also hints that he’s charting new, exciting musical territories.

The Florida-native had this to say about the single:

The ‘3 Days, 2 Nights‘ project reignited a fire within that had been, admittedly, waning, and stands on new ground for the PLS&TY sound moving forward. I also believe that with ‘3 Days, 2 Nights,’ listeners caught a glimpse into the PLS&TY sound no longer being confined by any one genre or style. Now, ‘Your Love‘ kickstarts a new chapter of the post-EP dose of music that entails primarily club & DJ-set-focused material. ‘Your Love‘ is unique in that the vocals are sung largely in Swahili, and extends well across continents and borders.”