MEDUZA disperses self-titled double EPMz

MEDUZA disperses self-titled double EP

Over the last few years, MEDUZA have grown into one of the most recognizable names in dance music. With crossover hits such as “Piece of Your Heart,” “Lose Control,” “Bad Memories,” and more, MEDUZA have found an enormous amount of commercial success. And on the flip side, the Italian trio regularly find themselves making club-inspired records that are designed for the underground. Out now under the title of MEDUZA, the three have released a double-sided EP of six records each. Room 1 includes the aforementioned radio hits while Room 2 celebrates their unique fusion of house and techno.

While nine of the 12 total songs have been previously released, there are three new welcome additions to Room 2 on the EP. All three songs have been over a year in the making and have been some of MEDUZA’s most anticipated, crowd-pleasing IDs. “Back Again” was played out as early as October 2022 and features a seductive vocal over a rolling piano synth, “Obsession” incorporates a unique and momentum building riser before introducing a bouncy bass line, and “Ecstacy” ultimately takes the mind into another dimension with electro stabs and future-rave style of techno. Speaking on their EP, MEDUZA explained “this project tells the story and journey from the beginning of MEDUZA to where [they] are now as artists and a feeling of where [they] will go in the future. [They] hope that this EP shows everyone both sides of MEDUZA that [they] love.” Stream their self-titled EP below.

Featured image: MEDUZA/Instagram