Henri Bergmann and Wennink reunite for ‘Come On’Photo May 27 2024 13 02 46

Henri Bergmann and Wennink reunite for ‘Come On’

Henri Bergmann, a rising producer in the melodic house and techno space, has returned with a new track under her very own Automatik record label. Out now, “Come On” is a joint effort alongside Wennink, who also sang on Henri Bergmann hit singles “Here’s The Fear” and “Higher Dimension.” Now boasting releases on Afterlife, Watergate, and Stil Vor Talent, among others, it’s time for Bergmann’s Automatik imprint to take center stage.

“Come On” triumphantly capitalizes on its melodic bassline and anthemic vocal opening. Wennink’s expertly delivered topline matched with Bergmann’s production work together in perfect harmony, each artist offering their dynamic talents to create a memorable record. While establishing a unique identity of its own, “Come On” is a nostalgic yet contemporary embodiment of the emotional intensity deriving from Depeche Mode‘s historic catalog. Continuing to push the boundaries of the underground, “Come On” materializes as another weapon added to Automatik’s arsenal. Stream the new single below.

Featured image: Andrew Farrar

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