Dancing Astronaut's Top 50 Biggest Tracks of 2013: 50-41


50. Ten Walls – Requiem (Original Mix)

Life and Death’s most successful release of 2013, Ten Walls “Requiem” outshines his previous success “Gotham” across every measurable metric. Building on the music first and aesthetic second, “Requiem’s” presence in 2013 was an undeniable success for the more musically-minded dance music supporter. Safe from the cult of personality many artist’s use to secure a spot on Beatport’s charts, Ten Walls found himself scaling the charts based on merit alone — a healthy step in the right direction for dance music’s maturation.

49. FCL – It’s You (San Soda’s Bar Acca Version)

Originally pressed on only handful of vinyls, FCL’s “It’s You” rose to prominence thanks to an unprecedented adoption throughout the underground. The strictly vocal house output saw its most infectious remix at the hands of San Soda for the “Bar Acca Version.” Released digitally by Defected Records, Pete Tong quickly included this track as an Essential Selection and the rest is history. If there was one thing that FCL proved in 2013 it’s that when it comes to house, less most certainly is more.

48. Cash Cash – Take Me Home (Original + Chainsmokers Remix)

Quietly diving into the electronic music scene with the 2012 release of “Overtime,” it wasn’t until a Bebe Rexha topline hit their inboxes that the New Jersey-based trio Cash Cash really caught their stride. Using their knack for catchy synth pop hooks and electro house drops, Sam, Alex and Jean Paul took Bebe’s bubbly vocals and created their first Top 40 breakthrough hit. The success thus far has been meteoric, with “Take Me Home” catching radio play on the biggest Top 40 stations in the US.  On the official remix package, The Chainsmokers augmented the track’s already healthy lifespan with a big room progressive rework that received strong support from Pete Tong and earned “Take Me Home” a spot in our Top 50 Biggest Tracks of 2013. Cash Cash’s first hit is still on the rise and poised to take over the airwaves well into the new year.

47. Joris Voorn – Ringo (Rework)

Joris Voorn’s “Ringo” is his most hypnotizing output of 2013. A sterling example of melody-driven house music, Voorn uses tranquil pad work and sinewy chordplay to evoke a host of dreamlike qualities on the original mix. That is before he injects a decidedly more tech-focused framework to the track’s gripping rework.

46. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven (The M Machine Remix)

The M Machine wrapped up their Metropolis saga this year, resulting in an EP full of Top 50-worthy originals, but it’s their remix of “Locked Out of Heaven” that sunk its claws into the dance music psyche. One part guilty pleasure pop track, one part production duties from San Francisco’s forward-thinking talents, Bruno Mars gets the dance music remix he’s been waiting for — from the most unlikely of artists.


45. Dillon Francis + TEED – Without You (Original Mix)

Showing his softer side, Dillon Francis teamed up with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for “Without You.” An ode to a bad breakup, Francis and TEED show each other their scars on the collaboration, blending Dillon’s chirpy, 8-bit style with TEED’s more traditional tech house leanings. It’s a mature moment for the talented class clown with the unlikelieness of the collaboration only serving to enhance its appeal.


44. Showtek & Noisecontrollers – Get Loose (Original Mix)

Hardstyle converts Showtek teamed up with Noisecontrollers for “Get Loose” back in April, following up the success of “Hey!” with ease. Paving the way for the hardstyle crossover, Showtek brought their fellow countrymen into the fold on this collaboration. A blend of classic hardstyle kicks with modern festival-focused synth work, “Get Loose” dominated the tents of this year’s largest festivals and was the high watermark of the duo’s groundbreaking presence in 2013.

Nicky Romero Beach Club

43. Nicky Romero – Symphonica (Original + BARE Remix)

A stand out track during Miami Music Week, Nicky Romero’s “Symphonica” was one of the catalysts that kicked off 2013’s festival season. Its fresh melody and heavy spattering of grinding synthesis made it an essential cog in the main stage zeitgeist. Matching electro grit with orchestral string work, Romero’s musical mindset made “Symphonica” a festival presence that stifled even the most strict of critics. Throw in BARE’s trap remix and you’ve got a one-two punch of catchy melodies and persuasive percussion.

42. Ali Love – Emperor (Maceo Plex Remix)

Maceo Plex takes on Ali Love’s “Emperor” with a sinister barrage of his well-developed sonic style. One of Pete Tong’s Essential Selections, Love’s smoky vocals are matched by Maceo Plex’s hazy production cues, but it’s not until the tail end of the mix – after the three and a half minute mark –  that the track really comes to life.

41. Tiësto – Take Me (Original Mix)

Remaining one of the most relevant names in dance music per usual through 2013, Tiësto held onto his crown all through May even without an original production. Remix after remix kept the king powering through with music for his fanbase, but eyes opened even wider when “Take Me” was finally unveiled. His only solo record for Club Life Volume 3 allowed him to make room for other artists while teasing fans of a sound that would later come on the lead single of his new album, “Red Light,” without them even knowing it.

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