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Defected cram 30 house classics into three-minute mix, nostalgia ensues

Simon Dunmore’s Defected Records imprint has done a stellar job of purveying the spirit and soul of house music, capturing the buzz of the initial American explosion and encrusting it into a new generation of talent from across the globe. But while times may have leaned towards a significantly mainstream overhaul elsewhere, the label’s proud roots remain on full display. Cue their latest (and shortest) mix, an intensive spree of nostalgic numbers to commemorate volume one of their For The Love of House compilation series. Scaling 30-classic house cuts in less than three-minutes, the mix offers a whirlwind education of the past gems that shaped the earliest ranks of house music’s cultural heyday, capturing every movement from the renowned soul and spirit of legendary assets Frankie Knuckles and Bob Sinclar right through to notable remix duties coming from MK, Todd Terry and Dennis Ferrer. A gracious name drop of industry icons by all counts, Defected forges a comprehensive snapshot of the soulful sound that placed such timeless benchmarks in the genre’s dotted history. As a vivid reflection of house music’s monumental early footsteps, this three-minute spree wraps up what is sure to be a vital history piece for fans new and old who still long to relish in one of electronic music’s most influential avenues to date.