Dancing Astronaut presents The 50 Best Songs of 2010: 31-40

Dancing Astronaut presents The 50 Best Songs of 2010: 31-40DA Top 502

Our top 50 continues with track’s 31-40. These tunes just get tougher to pick as we go deeper into the rankings..however as usual Dancing Astronaut never fails. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts about where songs should go in the top 50 and why you think that way. Make sure to check out 41-50 too.

31. Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

2010 brought us our homecoming for dubstep’s entrance into the Electronic Dance Music world. Sonny Moore aka Skrillex managed to sky rocket his way to the top due to his debut EDM album (also named after the song) ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’. This was the first song off the album (released on Mau5trap) and the one that sat atop Beatport’s top 10 list. Tracks from the album, at one point, occupied 8 spots in Beatport’s top 10 list…a feat that has never been achieved by any artist. Arguably the best dubstep song of the year from one of the biggest album’s of the year deserves a spot in our top 50.

32. Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii’s Next Generation Remix)

The original ‘Rapture’ was a classic dance song from IIO, a New York based dance duo (that included Nadia Ali), in 2001. Tristan Garner and Gareth Emery came out with excellent remixes of Rapture but they fell short of Avicii’s masterpiece. At the ripe young age of 21, it is unbelievable how we identify songs by saying they have an “Avicii feel” to them. For someone who has not been in the scene for all that long..he sure has made a stamp on the house world.

33. Kelly Rowland – Commander (Chuckie & Neve Remix)

The original mix of Commander had all the makings of a super remixable song when it was released. It had a poppy” sound to it, but definitely had David Guetta’s touch all over the chorus. The hard part with putting this track in our top 50 was not actually identifying where it should be placed, but determining which remix deserved the spot. Ironically, many of the Dancing Astronaut favorites remixed this song…they include: Sidney Samson, Afrojack & Bobby Burns, and David Guetta’s ‘FMIF’ Remix. However, when Dancing Astronaut saw Chuckie live at Ruby Skye he happened to drop this song three times (the first three times we had ever listened to the song). After each time we took one look at each other and instantly knew it would be one of the most played jams of the year.

34. Robyn – Hang With Me (Avicii Exclusive Club Mix)

I happened to be attending many of the pool parties in Vegas at the end of the summer and heard several songs I was mildly surprised to hear. A little background information on Vegas…they are going through a transition right now where they are slowly ‘Phazing’ out hip hop and incorporating more EDM into their club scene (especially at the pool parties). Point is, when you hear a house track played multiple times at parties in Vegas, you know its an absolute BOMBER. The incredible part about this track was I heard it played over 10 times during my short stay there, even though it has just been released. You can catch a taste of it in our year end podcast mixed by Jared-F.

35. Laidback Luke ft. Johnathan Mendelsohn – Till Tonight (Original Mix)

Here is how I know that Laidback Luke himself is in love with this track. I have seen LBL perform 3 times (in person) and have listened to numerous live performances from him…I have yet to hear a mix of his that does not include ‘Till Tonight’. A good batch of remixes came out with for this track as well…you can check them out here. Chris Kaeser’s remix got a good amount of airplay but Dancing Astronaut concludes that the original mix takes the cake.

36. Prok & Fitch – Walk With Me (Axwell vs. Daddy’s Groove Remix)

All of Axwell’s collaborations with Daddy’s Groove have been absolute bombs. Their remix of ‘Walk With Me’ blends powerful vocals with their normal progressive sound..however what sets this track apart is the amazing drop right in the middle of the track. In the last several years, a large portion of Axwell’s tracks have been incredible. It is time to start giving this guy some serious ‘Producer Of The Year’ consideration.

37. Pendulum – The Island (Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)

The original mix of ‘The Island’ was a catchy electro-pop tune. Tiesto gave us a solid remix to this track which you can listen to here. I n-joyed Tiesto’s remix, however, let’s be serious…this one blew Tiesto’s out of the water… and when you destroy a Tiesto remix (I don’t care what song) you know you have just created a masterpiece. When Dancing Astronaut heard this during Sebastien Ingrosso’s performance I was almost brought to tears at how wonderful this sounded…and when you make Senthil cry..you REALLY know you have created a masterpiece.

38. Everything But The Girl – Missing (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

British pop duo ‘Everything But The Girl’ created this classic in 1994, and at the time set a record for the longest charting song on the Billboard US Top 100. Fedde Le Grand’s remix peaked at number one on the Beatport top 10 (and is still sitting there at the moment) it was also the highlight of Fedde’s live set when Dancing Astronaut went to go see him. Deciding where to put this track on our countdown wasn’t easy. Since the track is relatively brand new we have no idea how high the track will truly ascend. If it spends a few more weeks at the top spot on Beatport and gets played in every NYE set, then maybe it deserves to be higher. For the moment, I think we have it placed just right.

39. Kaskade & EDX ft. Haley – Don’t Stop Dancing (Original Mix)

Kaskade is one of the biggest names in the EDM world (this is a fact..and is not up for argument or discussion). His album ‘Dynasty’ was absolutely HUGE. Don’t Stop Dancing, our favorite track off the album, has timeless vocals and a smooth progressive feel that make it a no-brainer hit. Keep in mind that the epicness of the  Justin Michael & Kemal remix further contributes to this track’s spot in our Top 50 list. When you are (arguably) the best track on Kaskade’s signature album, you belong among the best.

40. Kelis – 4th of July (Calvin Harris Remix)

An awesome build up and a huge Calvin Harris funky electro drop equals a BOMB. As a Dancing Astronaut favorite Calvin Harris deserves to be in the top 50 (and he is twice!). This track appeals to both the electro house fans and the disco house fans. It is very interesting to see how unique Calvin’s style is with bangers such as ‘Flashback‘ and ‘Century“. All of them have a different flavor yet they are all huge successes. Let us just agree that he is an amazing human being.

Senthil’s Top 50 Snubs:

Nervo – Irresistible (Original Mix)

Huge progressive sound with amazing vocals. Not to mention that two beautiful girls (the duo that makes up Nervo) produced this song. On top of that there were anthem remixes such as Chuckie & Gregori Klosman’s as well as TV Rock’s. The original is still the best, that is how good it seriously is. Still in shock that this did not make it (just like Vernon Davis did not make the NFC pro bowl roster).

Harry Romero, Junior Sanchez & Alexander Technique ft. Shawnee Taylor – Where You Are (Steve Angello Edit)

I had a hard time deciding which was more of a snub..the Steve Angello edit or the original mix. Both sound quite similar…but the build up just does it for me on the Angello edit. I honestly feel like this song was one of the biggest in 2010, just an amazing drop..the best part is it sounds even better live. Disappointing.

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