Pitbull Invites Alvaro To A Private Party In Miami

For those of you that remember my article (read this if you want to get fully caught up) on Pitbull’s track ‘Bon Bon’ you will be glad to know that the video above describes the aftermath of the ‘sticky’ situation. Here is a brief synopsis on what happened in the past: Pitbull released his track ‘Bon Bon’ using Alvaro’s bootleg of ‘We No Speak Americano’, however no credit was given to Alvaro when Pitbull’s album ‘Armando’ was launched. A little weird huh? When watching the video above you will be glad to know that Pitbull was able to make amends to the prior ‘miscommunication’. Not only does he state that Alvaro and Pitbull will combine forces in future tracks (cannot wait for those!!), but Alvaro played a killer set at Pitbull’s private party in Miami. I must say that this was a very happy ending for everyone involved with the track. Not only am I very impressed with Pitbull and how he handled the situation, I find myself very excited to see what is in store for Alvaro in the very near future.

Note(1): When you watch the video I am sure you are all wondering what is that track at the end? Well its a preview of Alvaro and Artistic Raw’s new collaboration! Sounds amazing! Are you sure you’re ready for this??

Note(2): Special thanks to Alvaro and his management team for opening our eyes to this awesome video!

Want to hear what Alvaro has cooking in the kitchen? Visit his soundcloud.

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