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Soulstice – Realistic (Jared F & Nima G Remix)

Jared F & Nima G are two rapidly rising producers in the San Francisco area and have created numerous tracks that are slated to release on various record labels in the near future. Recently, they collaborated in creating a remix of Soulstice’s track “Realistic” and have entered it into the Soundcloud remix contest, which was made to celebrate the release of Soulstice’s new album In The Light. This is a great opportunity because the 10 highest voted remixes will then be judged (and winners will be picked) by Soulstice and Om Records. There are a few different reasons why this might spark your interest:

1. The track is a bomb. Jared and Nima combined elements of ‘trouse’, electro, and progressive house to appeal to a wide audience. Listen till the end of the remix, the drop is truly electrifying!

2. We are calling upon all Dancing Astronaut fans to push this remix to the top! Click on ‘Enter here’ below and tap the ‘vote’ link of to the right hand side of Jared F and Nima G’s remix.

Enter Here

Soulstice – Realistic (Jared F & Nima G Remix)Soulstice Remi Banner

3. If you are an aspiring DJ this may be your calling. Create your own remix and throw it out there!

4. Even if you are not interested in creating a remix, there are some pretty cool vocals that you could use in your next set or mesh with another song. You will see the download link when you visit the contest webpage.

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