Avicii in the Hamptons: Neptune's Beach Club and South Pointe review

Avicii in the Hamptons: Neptune’s Beach Club and South Pointe review

You may have realized that the Summer is finally underway, and that means time to hit the beach, don linen apparel, and of course blast as much great house music as possible. One hotspot on the east coast for a combination of the three is the Hamptons, an area at the east end of Long Island famous for a more refined culture. Well, EDM is making its way out east in big ways — and we’re talking Avicii big. During the day he brought his musical stylings to Neptune’s Beach Club in Quogue while partygoers soaked in the sounds (and the rain). That night he spun at South Pointe, one of this summer’s hottest new spots in the Hamptons. Our camera equipment wasn’t quite suited for the rain during the day, but we went to South Pointe that evening to bask in even more of Tim Berg’s awesomeness and you can read all about it after the break.

Avicii Neptunes 02

Despite the rain showers and winds along at the beach, the loyal fans went all out and we hear Neptune’s was at capacity. The crowd didn’t falter because of the weather, and raging was apparent in full force. Opening DJ Matt Goldman did a great job keeping the crowd engaged and the energy up for almost five hours, even as the winds along the shore didn’t let up. We also heard that the deck at Neptune’s actually caved in because of the intensity of the crowd, and that it subsequently led to a pretty large section in the middle of the deck being blockaded by club security right in the middle of Avicii’s set.

Avicii Neptunes 03

Even in light of the weather, Tim still delivered in a big way, dropping a slew of Avicii favorites. He opened up with “Save the World”, which could be the singalong anthem of the Summer. (Editor’s note: I know I’ve been iffy on this track in the past, but I really do think it’s phenomenal, especially in a live setting. My lamenting about SHM’s entrance to the mainstream is something that can be saved for another time).

Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Save The World (Original Mix)

South Pointe

Once night fell, it was time for Avicii’s South Pointe debut. First though, let’s chat a little about South Pointe, a new nightclub in Southampton occupying the space that used to be called Tavern. In an interview with Blackbook Magazine, Jonathan Schwartz, one of the men behind South Pointe, describes it as a “music-driven venue,” and with a lineup consisting of Calvin Harris, Max Vangeli, Funkagenda, and Avicii, in the first three weekends of being open, we have to agree.

Avicii SP 02

We wanted to experience the club as young bottle poppers the first time around, so we left the SLRs at home and relied on our trusty iPhones to capture the best moments. Opening DJ Steve Powers had one of the strongest opening sets in recent memory, and it was packed with bangers and didn’t hold back at all in energizing the crowd. Our favorite of the night was “Rolling in Sweet Disposition”, a bootleg that perfectly times Adele’s now immensely popular lyrics with the Axwell anthem of last summer. His set didn’t feel like that of an opening DJ, but a high energy one that had us fist pumping rather early.

Adele vs Axwell, Dirty South, and Temper Trap – Rolling in Sweet Disposition (DJ Ariel Assault Peak Hour Remix)

Avicii SP 05

Avicii came on around 1AM, and the atmosphere in the dimly lit lounge instantly became enraptured with the sounds now synonymous with his name. Guests set up around the perimeter of the club, perched atop plush leather couches and even on tables themselves. Tim got down right down to business by dropping “Levels” early in his set, and followed that banger up with another one, “Penguin”. The club’s small size made it possible to get right up close to the DJ booth, and subsequently the entire performance feel more intimate. That intimate setting was filled with elegant chandeliers, and one major sound system. At one point we stood in front of a subwoofer at the side of the DJ booth, and we could feel our bodies vibrating as the bass emanated through the enormous speaker grates.

Avicii – Levels (Original Mix):

Avicii – Penguin (Original Mix):

South Pointe 2

Some highlights of the night included the Axwell and Henrik B remode of “Teenage Crime”, and an Avicii throwback tune in the form of “Escape Me (Avicii’s Remix At Night)”. That’s an awesome song any hour of the day, but especially in a live setting and being mixed by the man himself. We also heard the SHM-approved “One vs Calabria” bootleg and “Nothing But Love For You”, proving once again the bromance between the Swedish DJs (pun intended, heh). One other highlight of the night was a massive bootleg of Marco V’s anthem “Reaver” (that was in his Essential Mix back in December) with Calvin Harris’ “Flashback” vocals. The two songs just worked so well together, after a few drinks we almost thought it was a new Avicii remix.

Tiesto – Escape Me (Avicii’s Remix At Night)

Marco V vs Calvin Harris – Flashback Reaver (Euan Cross Vocal Mix)

Overall, we’d have to say that the Avicii Hamptons mega-weekend was a resounding success. The rain during the day put a small damper on Neptune’s Beach Club, but Pacha NYC definitely pulled this show off — and maybe they’ll go for a bigger venue next time. Part deux at South Pointe was a luxurious high-class followup, and Tim still didn’t appear to lose any steam. The lavish lounge served as a warm backdrop for Avicii’s selections of the night, and Neptune’s was certainly memorable in its own right. Hopefully he’ll be back before too long, but we’re loving this trend of house in the Hamptons, and we’ll do our best to keep you all in the loop as it hopefully continues.

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