Exclusive: SHM – Save The World (CAZZETTE Dubby Steppy Bootleg)STW CAzzette 2

Exclusive: SHM – Save The World (CAZZETTE Dubby Steppy Bootleg)

Now, we’ve heard quite a few remixes to Swedish House Mafia’s singalong anthem of the summer, “Save the World“, but no one has really dared to move away from the house influences of the original. Well, an exclusive new offering from Swedish duo CAZZETTE does just that — beefing up the bassline and adding all new drops where the original was lacking. Don’t fret though, because those high-energy rhythms transition right back into the signature SHM loops and melodies we loved in the original, culminating in something completely unique but reminiscent of a toned-down dubstep remix that just works. We don’t quite consider ourselves to be dubstep aficionados just yet, but there’s something infectious about the new sounds here that had our heads bobbing before we even realized. Want to hear more? Head past the break for a quick rundown of this hot new production team.

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (CAZZETTE Dubby Steppy Bootleg) (Right Click>Save As… to download)

You’re probably wondering — who’s CAZZETTE? Well, consisting of two Swedish producers, aged 21 and 17, Cazzette has been collaborating together online for about six months before being discovered and signed to At Night, the same team responsible for the meteoric rise of Avicii. We’re told that the duo has only ever met in person once, but that this is their third production together — and that there’s much more in the works. Whereas other dubstep producers have failed to truly break through to the mainstream, we have an inkling that CAZZETTE may be onto something here. With the guidance of At Night and a listener-friendly sound that takes all the best parts of dubstep and removes the jarring chords, we think the world is ready to be saved by this talented young duo. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye out for more releases — we’re told there’s a “Seek Bromance” remix in addition to some other goodies —  and be sure to like their Facebook page to stay in the know. For now, get your listen on with the stream we’ve got below, and like our Facebook page for the full download we’ll be posting sometime tomorrow. Boom.


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