Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Various Mixes)Avicii1

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Various Mixes)

Well folks, “Fade Into Darkness” is finally released. We have been waiting for so long that it was like watching a child develop before our eyes. Look back to late last year when Avicii’s essential mix went viral, for many of us it was the first time ever listening to the track (think: the birth of “Penguin”). A few weeks after the premiere Avicii named the track “Penguin” to give credit to the song was created after – Perpetuum Mobile’s “Penguin Cafe Orchestra”. Flashback to Miami music week (specifically Ultra) during Avicii’s live set he dropped Penguin, except he included Yolanda Selini’s vocals. You might remember this as “Don’t Give Up On Us”, which ironically is being released as another track altogether. In early summer (for USA listeners) Avicii officially declared the track name to be “Fade Into Darkness” which featured new (male) vocals.

We thought it was all over. Avicii had finally mastered the track, the release would be coming soon and we could all live happily ever after. Right? Along comes Leona Lewis to screw it up with “Collide”, to add fuel to the fire Afrojack created a remix for Leona’s rendition of the track. After much discussion the Dancing Astronaut team came up with a short list of facts that we believe will be agreed upon.

1. Avicii either is a God, or comes from a bloodline of some being that is much more evolved than the human race.

2. Leona Lewis came out with “Collide”, but “Fade Into Darkness” is infact (this is scientifically proven) way better.

3. Note to Avicii – we want releases faster. Everyone loves being flirted with, however sealing the deal is our goal at the end of the day.

4. Avicii’s new imprint “Le7vels” is going to take over the world.

Without further ado – “Fade Into Darkness”.

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Radio Edit)

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Club Mix)

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