Spencer & Hill – Dance (Original Mix)Danceslider

Spencer & Hill – Dance (Original Mix)

Spencer & Hill releases a new rework of their original track “So Dance”. The latest version is put through the ‘meat grinder’ it sounds as if it could be a Dada Life remix when compared to the original version. The drop hits hard and overall the track is dirtier. “So Dance” has a smoother vibe to it as it brings out the vocals more in the tune itself. This release on Dim Mak Records reminds me of their rework of “I Spy“, are best guess is they are transitioning into a much harder sound to adapt to the new EDM trends.┬áBoth are uploaded for you to listen to! N-JOY!

Spencer & Hill – Dance (Original Mix) [Latest Version]

BONUS: Spencer & Hill – Dance (Dirtyloud Remix)

Arguably our favorite tune in this package, the Dirtyloud remix combines eclectic sounds with some dirty distortions. They really straddle the line between progressive and electro which meshes perfectly with “Dance”. The build up and drop are absolutely spectacular – put this on repeat!

Spencer & Hill – So Dance (Club Mix) [Older Version]

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