Felix Young ft. Nika Lenina – Happiness (Incognet Remix)Incognet

Felix Young ft. Nika Lenina – Happiness (Incognet Remix)

Those of you that are deeply rooted into the world of progressive house will know Incognet for producing some of the most spiritual jams. The vocals of Nika Lenina carry throughout the tune, there are many sweeping and swirling sounds incorporated with making this track a winner. If you are a fan of something a tad bit harder, stuff starts to heat up when passing the 4:00 minute mark. We consider this a Miami Music Week warm up track, because these type of productions are played all day and night there.

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BONUS: The Confusion – Moment Of Truth (Incognet Remix)

“Moment Of Truth” features a sensitive bassline combined with a powerful drop. Think: EDX meets Kaskade. The shell horn sound played right after the drop is our favorite part of the track (happens at roughly 2:05), that little snippet adds a whole other level of flavor.

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