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Forgotten Friday: Nervo Ft. Ollie James – Irresistible (Marcus Prime Bootlegish Remix)

Here at Dancing Astronaut we aim to set new trends while keeping everyone up to date with the latest Electronic Dance Music. However, with so much innovation within our favorite music genre it is relatively easy for a few ‘anthems’ to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Our newest ‘trend’ will allow everyone the chance to go back in time and either remember a track that has not gotten the exposure it deserves or for the song to regain exposure from our fan base through this post. Forgotten Fridays differ from our old trend Throwback Thursdays in that it does not require a timetable for evaluation. A relatively new song can be a Forgotten Friday if we feel that that the requirements written below have been achieved.

In order to qualify for a Forgotten Friday the track must have:

A. Been overshadowed by another remix of the same song.

B. Been completely overlooked and not received the air time it deserves due to ‘bigger’ releases that came out around the same time period.

Marcus Prime, an up and coming DJ from Stockholm, Sweden, throws us a remix of Nervo’s hit Irresistible. His previously released tracks include Hybris, Don’t Love, and a remix for the Rob & Jack duo Smash! On September 12th, he released Avi  together with WeSmile. Three words come to mind when listening to the Irresistible remix: Australian, Swedish, Love-child. The happy big room sound, fits perfectly between the two Australian twins’ smooth anthem. Prime captures the feel-good vibe, extending the lyrics with a huge melodic break against a dream-like build up. Nothing we wouldn’t expect from an Avicii hit. It’s happy, it’s catchy, and it’s what you want to hear in “the moment”. We love this track simply because it makes us feel good. That’s what music should do right?

Nervo Ft. Ollie James – Irresistible (Marcus Prime Bootlegish Remix)

Overshadowed by: NERVO feat. Ollie James – Irresistible (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Remix)

Original: NERVO feat. Ollie James – Irresistible (Original Mix)

Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming releases from the Swedish DJ/producer. Catch more of Prime’s work on his Soundcloud and be sure to check out Marcus Prime & WeSmile ft. Jennifer Akerman, Avi. Available now on BeatPort. We’re expecting big things from this artist and so should you! Keep an ear out.

Via: Marcus Prime’s SoundCloud

Purchase: Beatport

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