SHM to vacate Masquerade Motel at Pacha Ibiza, will ‘explore more’ of the White Isle in 2012

The Masquerade Motel at Pacha has been occupying Ibiza every Monday night for the past three summers, but Swedish House Mafia will be embarking on a new adventure in 2012. The update is typically cryptic, and reasons that they would like to “explore more of what the beautiful isle has to offer. We’re certainly caught off guard by the move, and aren’t quite sure what their next one will be. Will they open their own club? Find a new residency somewhere else? Feel free to speculate in the comments, and read the full text below.

Via: Facebook (Swedish House Mafia) 

After three years of hosting Mondays at Pacha Ibiza we feel its time to move on and explore more of what the beautiful isle has to offer!

Its been an incredible time and we have had some amazing memories, thanks for making Pacha history with us!

We’ll be seeing you next summer on a new and even more incredible adventure!

Steve, Seb & Axwell (SHM)

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