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Afrojack – Lost & Found Part 2

This time last year Afrojack released “Lost & Found Part 1,” this album series features tracks that Afrojack has been dropping throughout his sets but have been previously unreleased. Some are updated versions of older releases, some are named after popular cities, and the others show potential – but are not up to the Afrojack standard we have come to love. Let’s discuss each track below.

Montreal is one of the techiest tracks we have ever heard from Afrojack. There are patches of Dutch funk scattered throughout the tune, but it lacks the power of an enormous drop a la “Replica.” We think Afrojack used this as a transitionary track  to let the crowd regain their composure after a ‘hands in the air’ moment.

Afrojack – Montreal (Original Mix)

This is without a doubt our favorite track from “Lost & Found Part 2.” It definitely brings the most fire and we have heard him drop this numerous times in his live sets. This is reminiscent of Afrojack circa-2009, when the playful Dutch sound was still prevalent. DA believes this could have actually done well if it was released as a single. Better late than never right?

Afrojack – Vancouver (Original Mix)

We feel that Lil Jon should have been shouting “What Are You Doing” in the middle of this tune. The vocals remind us a little of “Turbulence” because it is a distinct yell, but one that catches the attention of everyone in the club. This is a late night track that get the energy going  for the troopers who remain on the dancefloor at 4 AM.

Afrojack – What Are You Doing (Original Mix)

“Show Me Rage” is the most psychedelic out of the entire package. It has a strong bassline and is all over the place. We compare this to a crazy Skrillex track – where everyone’s arms are flying around randomly without any control. The slight wobbles also add to the craziness.

Afrojack – Show Me Your Rage (Original Mix)

Pop On Acid” was released in May when Afrojack hit 100,000 Twitter followers and 250,000 Facebook likes. For some reason he is now selling the track (oh well). This is a remake of “Pacha On Acid” and has a little bit more of a Daft Punk feel than the original version.

Afrojack – Pop On Acid 

“London” features the juiciest bassline in “Lost & Found Part 2.” The drums in the background just thump and there are portion of the track that are just eclectic noises. This reminds us quite a few Deadmau5 tunes – where it is more about how the noises are put together, rather than the structure of the track itself.

Afrojack – London (Original Mix)

Do you guys remember “A msterdamn?” “Amsterdots” is the funkier remix to his collaboration with The Partysquad. The samples are chopped up and the drop isn’t quite as big, but it would be fun to transition into both in your next live set.

Afrojack & The Partysquad – Amsterdots (Original Mix)

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