Dancing Astronaut Presents The Biggest Tracks of 2011: 30-21Da Top50b

Dancing Astronaut Presents The Biggest Tracks of 2011: 30-21

We are arriving at the portion of our list where every song has to appear on the list because it is too damn good not to be mentioned. All these tracks were played with overwhelming frequency no matter what EDM event you went to. While some of you m

ay disagree with the ranking itself, you cannot argue with the quality of each track listed below. Just in case you feel that something is missing from this list, make sure to glance over our list of biases, before ripping us apart. 30-21 awaits you below.

30. Ferry Corsten – Punk (Sidney Samson & Arty Remixes)

Ferry Corsten’s “Punk” got a heavy dose of fire from the likes of Sidney Samson and Arty. Both remixes were fabulous, but very different in nature. Sidney’s rendition was an absolute anthem, not only did we hear this multiple times at EDC but anytime there was a crowd over the size of 5,000 people you knew it was coming. Arty’s “Rock N Rolla” remix was a DJ weapon if you were into the progressives but regardless of taste, no matter where you were there was no hiding from “Punk.”

29. Fedde Le Grand – So Much Love, Metrum, Control Room (Original Mixes)

Fine. We cheated. There is a perfectly rational explanation for this – Fedde Le Grand kicked so much ass this year that he had a number of tracks that could have made it onto our list. The reason these three are bunched together is that we felt that they would have appeared somewhere in between the 21st to 30th best tracks. “So Much Love” spent an insane amount of weeks at the number one position on Beatport. “Metrum” was arguably his biggest festival track of the year (just check out the promo video), and “Control Room” was easily the best track off the Toolroom Records compilation album. To sum it up in a nutshell – we wanted to feature other songs by other artists and give everyone some exposure, however, next year we might not be so nice.

28. Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) [Original Mix]

The Bingo Players had quite the year dropping tracks such as “Mode” and “Rattle” along with developing their own imprint – Hysteria Records. There is no doubt that “Cry (Just A Little)” was easily their biggest release of the year, dominating clubs and festivals as one of the best summer anthems of 2011. We probably should have instituted a summer bias – it just seems as if tracks that are released when the sun is out gain more exposure. Maybe it’s because of the feel good atmosphere, or maybe it’s because partying memories are easier to generate when girls wear less clothing. Either way, this song should be etched into everyone’s minds for a long time to come.

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27. Sander Van Doorn – KOKO (Original Mix)

Eleve11 was one of the biggest album releases of the year. In fact, you could argue that Sander Van Doorn is getting better with age and adopting the new trouse revolution with ease. “KOKO” is one of the most identifiable tracks of 2011, it’s flute melody is downright catchy and it gained massive airtime among the progressive stalwarts. R3hab’s rendition was also straight fire from start to finish, adding to the lifeline of an already outstanding tune.

26. Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard, BT ft. Angela McCluskey – In The Air (Original Mix)

In The Air” deserves praise from all different angles. The original mix is one of the easiest tracks to listen to no matter what the circumstances. Studying? Throw it on. Partying? It still does the job. Relaxing? It is perfect. What really took this track over the edge was the massive Hardwell remix. It took a great track and made it into a heavy hitter. Don’t you dare sleep on the Hard Rock Sofa and Mord Fustang remixes – they may not have received the recognition they deserved, but they still thump.

25. Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki ft. Lil Jon – Turbulence (Original Mix)

Turbulence” was heard in late 2010, but it became the most played song in Vegas in early 2011. Steve Aoki drops this in his residency at Surrender every time without fail.

Is it just us or is Lil Jon secretly the best MC in the business? The guy only shouts a few words in every song but for some reason they just stick. We cannot find a rational explanation for this and, quite honestly, we’ve stopped trying. Love him or hate him, it is just easier to accept the fact that Lil Jon is here to stay. As if this track wasn’t heavy enough, let us not forget that the drop in Sidney Samson’s remix has the ability to blow out your speakers at the drop of a hat.

24. Calvin Harris – Bounce (Original Mix)

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that “KOKO” had an infectious melody. Well, if “KOKO” is crack cocaine, then “Bounce” is black-tar heroin. Kelis’ voice perfectly suits this happy track and whenever this is dropped in the middle of a live set – instant euphoria occurs. We’ve spent months in our Dancing Astronaut laboratories practicing the scientific method to figure out why this track has such an incredible appeal and we think we’ve found the answer:

Dancing Astronaut Presents The Biggest Tracks of 2011: 30-21Calvin Harris Electric Zoo NY 2011 600 0031The Girls Go Wild Theory: This theory states that when girls appreciate a track (more than guys), the popularity of the track gets increased by a minimum of 52.86%.

Just like with “KOKO” (see the parallels?) R3hab gives us a heavy dose of chainsaw madness to increase the shelf life of one of the biggest tunes of the year.

23. Lady GaGa – Judas (Thomas Gold Instrumental Mix)

This track really has nothing to do with Lady GaGa (she creeps us out.) It’s the instrumental mix that really shines. Now that we’ve removed GaGa out of the equation – can you guess who deserves all the credit here? Hint: his name rhymes with Lomas Schmold. You could make the claim that this track deserves to be higher and all we could do is nod our heads in agreement. The only reason a tune this beautiful isn’t higher on our list is because we felt that it was adequately represented by the Size Matters crew and Dirty South, but not really anywhere else. Nevertheless, mad props to Mr. Gold.

22. Armin Van Buuren ft. Laura V – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

Everyone agrees that Armin Van Buuren is a God among men. So when a God creates an original mix, but uses Avicii’s remix in his live sets instead of the original mix – what does that tell you? It tells you a few things:

A) It tells you that Avicii is awesome

B) It tells you that Armin agrees that Avicii’s remix is awesome/ more awesome than the original mix.

C) It tells you that the remix was really really really big.

21. Eric Prydz – 2night (Original Mix)

This was Eric Prydz biggest release of the year. This is where we would usually insert the term “nuff said,” however there is something that pisses us off about the world of progressive house. Giving this a ranking of number 21 seems low, however, given the other 20 tracks that are listed (in terms of ‘bigness’) there is no way we could put this any higher. Want to know why? Even after all the legendary stuff that Prydz has put out, he is still underrated. His productions are underrated. He is still relatively obscure (outside of “Call On Me”) in the United States. Eric, if you read this – please overcome your fear of flying and come to the United States, so that next year we can put your release in the top 10 and not have to feel guilty about giving such a great production a low ranking.

We will feature tracks 11-20 tomorrow! Stay Tuned.