Bal Harbor Village moves to block large-scale events, puts SHM on notice20120127 2242391

Bal Harbor Village moves to block large-scale events, puts SHM on notice

It’s been eerily quiet on the SHM front lately regarding Masquerade Motel Miami, and it looks like we’re finally starting to find out why. The SunPost Weekly reports that Bal Harbor Village has voted to reject “any and all” large-scale events within its jurisdiction, though it should not affect greater Miami. It goes on to explain concerns with traffic, the toll on the police force, and conflicting events in Miami such as the Miami-Dade Youth Fair, and the venerable UMF.

You may remember the leak last week which hinted at a two day extravaganza, but the SunPost reveals that the proposed event was actually four days long (March 21-24) (*See update). Luxury bus transportation is also mentioned as part of the festivities, a smart move given Haulover’s location. An unidentified “promoter” confirms that no deal has been signed yet, which is certainly not good. Of course, we’re sure that the trio is doing everything in its power to either a. find a new venue, or b. find some other way to deal with the situation. Either way, we’ll bring you more as we get it. (We’re crossing our fingers too.)

Update: It seems unlikely that SHM planned for a four day event, and instead it’s just the rumored two days plus one for setup and one for teardown.

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Via: SunPost Weekly

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