Moguai at Ruby Skye: 5 Tracks You Need To Know

TORQ’s Thursday night at Ruby Skye has been a staple in San Francisco nightlife for booking up-and-comers, and old school DJs alike. This time, Mau5trap Record’s German star, and tech legend, Moguai, gave a rainy night a touch of class.

Our first encounter with the producer was by recommendation of the locals in Recklinghausen, Germany. They spoke about a house legend whose new productions had brought him to America. His style has changed since the early 90’s and has adapted well in today’s EDM society, landing him a spot on Deadmau5’s own label. At Ruby, we couldn’t get enough of it! For starters, listen to his remix of fellow classic, Fatboy Slim’s, Ya Mama.

Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)

At Ruby Skye, Moguai’s signature sound weaved through his set. Huge melodic break downs with complex and beautiful chord structure that would make a robotic angel cry, followed by fat tightly produced bass lines, fit for a dubstep sample. You could say, Original Hardcore, is a perfect explanation of his ranging style, but not until you’ve spread your wings and flown with the mood swooping, Optinuum.

Moguai & Westbam – Original Hardcore (Moguai Edit)

Moguai – Optinuum (Original Mix)

His just released smash techy banger, Mpire, turn the rain to sweat. If you haven’t already heard this track, hearing it live will make you a believer. The dark German chords echoing through some typical mau5trap electro synthesizers, turn any dance floor into a mosh pit. We got a wink from Moguai from in the booth when he was mixing this one into the drop.

Moguai – Mpire (Original Mix)

Although a slower night than normal due to an El Niño sized rain storm, Moguai remained enthusiastic and professional throughout the gig. He gave his all to the crowd of intimate fans, some of whom stayed through the end to grab a quick meet and greet.


Moguai is a name well known throughout Germany and is taking the EDM explosion in the United States to new heights. Crossing over his success from one land to another, he is both in the old school rankings, as well as a rising up-and-comer.

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Photos: Skyler Greene

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