Tiesto In The Booth’ Episode 4 brings even more jet-setting to YouTube

If you’ve been following along with Tiesto’s “In The Booth” series so far, you know that we’ve already spanned multiple continents, been in Breda, Vegas, and Miami, and jetted around the world in the Tijs’ jet. This episode starts off at the monstrous Inox Festival in Paris, where manager Kelly Cobb gives some welcomed advice on the dangers of smoking.

Nearly just as soon as he lands in France, Tiesto’s back on the jet headed to Morocco for round two in the same night. Regardless of a forgotten jacket, he next heads to Ibiza, which is “nothing like [anything] throughout the world.” It shows a good bit of behind-the-scenes at Privilege, which is the largest club in the world and Tiesto’s home on the White Isle. Is it just us, or does mainstream TV desperately need a DJ lives reality TV show?

Past Episodes: 1, 2, 3

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