Cryptic Tiesto teaser video hints at big plans for April 2012 (update: new album?)

Between launching a clothing line, a radio station, an incredibly successful college tour, and even having his own web video series, we seriously didn’t think there was was anything else left for Tiesto to do. A new video posted on his YouTube channel reveals that something is in store for April. The video is mainly a smattering of footage from gigantic gigs from around the world, which could really mean anything.

It could be another huge show like his Home Depot extravaganza, but it also could be something completely different. Tiesto hasn’t put out a new album in quite some time, so it could also be related to some upcoming new tunes. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more on the situation, but something tells us that there’s a whole lot more to come from Tiesto, and this video is more than meets the eye.

Update: Tiesto’s original Tweet hints that the surprise may actually be a new album. People we trust say we could start hearing more as soon as later this week.

Via: YouTube (Official Tiesto)

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