Ultra 2012: Day 3 Survival Guide (artists, stages, times)UMF Survival Guide

Ultra 2012: Day 3 Survival Guide (artists, stages, times)

Congratulations, you’ve made it through your two craziest days of the year and the party is far from being over. Although you are probably dying of exhaustion, this is the last leg and you want to make the most of it. Lucky for you, we took the liberty of scanning the massive schedule and bringing you some of our picks in the form of a handy survival day guide. You can think of it as a ‘day in the life’ kind of thing. Of course we’ll be on the ground delivering you as real-time coverage as we possibly can, but this is a handy page to bookmark if you find yourself glancing at a pamphlet unsure of who to see next.

1:00PM: Performing at the Live Stage is Savoy, and you can expect nothing less than a brilliant performances. Riot Gear will be providing their signature blend of tech house and big room sounds at UMF Ibiza. We recommend this beautiful Brazilian Dj, called Ammie Graves, who will be easing us in with minimal and deep tunes at the UMF Worldwide stage.

Editors Note: I will personally go see Ammie Graves because, after all, what is Miami Music Week without gorgeous women? Don’t forget to hydrate.

2:00PM: If you aren’t feeling picky  and don’t fancy a specific genre, you could check out Jochen Miller at ASOT 550. His sets are an innovative crossbreed of progressive, electro and trance. Realistically though, there isn’t much of a conflict at this time. We urge everyone to check out Bingo Players at the Main Stage. The duo is on fire right now with their impressive streak of originals including “L’Amour”, “Mode”, “Rattle” and “Cry Just a Little” and their soon to be dropped remix of “Mad Dash”.

Editors Note: This duo has become one of my favorite artists this year, on top of their regular release of anthems, their live sets and nothing short of amazing. Hopefully they will drop one of my all time favorite tracks: their remix of Good Feeling

3:00PM: Things start to get tricky. We will have Cazzette delivering their infectious drops at the Main Stage, a performance that is sure to fuel an insane amount of raging. If you are in the mood for trance, your life is easy. Head over to ASOT 550 to check out one of the most respectable names in the genre, the legendary Tritonal.

3:30PM: If you are into dubstep, we highly recommend checking out SBTRKT at the Live Stage. Their unique and subtle minimalist approach to dubstep is massively prolific in the UK, so if you are looking for something slightly different then don’t hesitate to check them out. Alternatively, the French DJ/producer Popof will be playing a versatile set packed with experimental and minimal tracks.

4:00PM: Cosmic Gate will be playing at ASOT 550. The duo has been in the business for eleven years and the have rightfully built their reputation as one of the most highly sought after trance acts. If you are looking for something a little heavier, Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji, two of Toolrom Records most exciting producers, will be delivering an extremely high energy set at the BAO Dome.

4:20PM: Brace yourself. Whether it’s his cake-throwing, crowd surfing, or champagne spraying, Steve Aoki will bring a wild and untamed energy that everyone should experience.

5:00PM: This is going to be a tough choice. Our top picks are Sander van Doorn at ASOT 550 and Knife Party who start 25 minutes later at the main stage. Sander van Doorn has hands down established himself as one of the world’s most influential and popular DJ and Producers out there. If you want to hear heavy electro house and dubstep, then Australian duo Knife Party will be sure to deliver.

Editor’s Note: Sander van Doorn’s latest track “Inside” will be one of those tracks that make Miami Music Week what it is. The man is a musical and technical genius and his sets are like no other; once they begin, everyone wants them to last forever.

6:00PM: You’re halfway though the day, and things just get better and better from here on. At the Live Stage, the outstanding dub step trio, Magnetic Man will deliver the heaviest act.  Hard Rock Sofa’s set will consist of very well mixed house tracks that will tear up the dance floor. On the other end of the spectrum, as usual, you can hit up ASOT 550 to witness yet another trance superstar, Dash Berlin.

6:30PM: Fedde le Grand. The Dutchman has been unbelievable recently. Every single of his productions indicate an outstanding ability and talent in the studio. “Autosave”, “Running”, “Metrum”, “So Much Love”, “Paradise”, “Soundtracks & Comebacks”, “Freaky” and his latest collaboration “Turn It” are all reflect Fedde Le Grand’s rare ability to release back to back anthems without cease.

7:00PM: The insanity continues at ASOT 550 as Ferry Corsten takes the stage. With over 20 years as a professional DJ and producer under the belt, the acclaimed DJ will be dominating the festival with a combination of house, electro and trance. Ferry Corsten also just released his latest album, WKND, which we believe to be one of his greatest work to date. The second act that we highly recommend is that of Joachim Garraud at the BAO Dome. The French producer is the pioneer of numerical music, and his unique blend of DJing and musical improvisation are a must see.

Editor’s note: Joachim Garraud’s acts are something else. What he is able to improvise and pull of with his keyboard is unbelievable. His one of a kind performances are not to be missed.

7:40PM: Kaskade in one of the producers that we are most excited to see at Ultra Music Festival. His recent album Fire & Ice was a massive hit and we cannot wait to see what he has hidden up his sleeves. The magic in Kaskade’s sets originate from the hints of Indie that he incorporates in his productions, something that has yet to be replicated by any other artist.

8:00PM: Armin Van Buuren playing at his own stage is a must. Although he is closing the festival at the Main Stage, we believe that there is something about Armin Van Buuren playing at his own stage that just is irreplaceable. It might be due to fact that he’s been running ASOT for over five years and this will be his 550th time, or something totally different but one thing that is clear is that it will be one of the highlights of your week.

9:00PM: You have three hours to unleash every last bit of energy that your body still has. David Guetta starts playing at 8:50PM at the Main Stage. The EDM icon is a pioneer that has been instilling a passion for house music millions with his signature blending of genres. Gareth Emery is an alternative, the world class trance DJ and producer will be performing at ASOT 550 while the crowds flock to the Main Stage. If you are looking for something heavier, then we recommend that you head over to the BAO Dome to experience Lazy Rich’s gut-wrenchingly epic electro house.

10:00PM: You’ve made it to the last acts of the day, and whatever stage you decide to attend, just be aware that you are in for nothing short of a mind-blowing performance. First and for most, Armin Van Buuren will be closing the Main Stage. We are curious as to how his closing set will compare to his previous one. ASOT 550 will be ending with an incredible performance by none other than ATB. The Live Stage will shut down with havoc as Bassnectar takes the stage a metal inspired dub step artist that will wreck the stage with a fierce and heavy synthesis of basslines. You might also want to check out Adam Beyer, a Swedish techno icon, at UMF Ibiza.

There are so many amazing artists playing at UMF on Sunday that having a good time will not be an issue. Where’ve you land up you are bound to have an amazing time. This will hopefully guide you in the best direction possible to make sure that you are never looking for somewhere to be. The full lineup is available here.