Knife Party announces ‘Rage Valley’ EP: out by ‘end of the month’

Knife Party announced on Twitter that they will be releasing their second EP, Rage Valley, at the end of this month.  No word yet whether it will be available for free download like 100% Modern Talking, though we sure hope that it is. If not, however, we imagine the production will be well worth its cost since Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen rarely disappoint. Aside from their Ultra performance things have been far too quiet on the Knife Party front — at least for our liking — so we’re excited for the four track EP. Keep reading for the tracklist.

1. F**k Em
2.  Centipede
3. Sleaze
4. Bonfire

Via: Twitter (Knife Party)

Release Date: End of April

[Thanks, Taylor]

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