Axwell sets sights on promoting new talent, won’t stop at dance music0441

Axwell sets sights on promoting new talent, won’t stop at dance music

After Swedish House Mafia completes their final go-around and the dust settles on their legacy as a trio, Steve, Axwell, and Sebastian will all have their priorities as solo artists. In a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Record, Axwell opens up about his future and his plans for new talent. In Guetta-fashioin, the Swedes have attached their names to pop-stars like Usher, but Axwell is looking to break away from established celebrity singers to build stars of his own.

Understanding the demand for a dance production, Axwell acknowledges that any singer must trust his talent to dictate a track. While he finds pleasure in reaching the charts behind a big name, he is inspired by projecting the unknown artists. Axwell goes on to mention that in addition to enlisting electronic producers on Axtone, he will focus on rising R&B talent – singers that will become the Adeles and Gotyes of the world.

“I’m introducing what is new and what new producers and completely unknown singers we have. I’m interested in the new Adele, the new Gotye. Who is the next guy? That is really the future. Just meeting big name people for the sake of it is not what I’m looking for.”

Calvin Harris and David Guetta have been the most notable electronic producers to work with pop’s biggest names, but Axwell won’t settle for getting behind just any track. He has even turned down the opportunity to work with Chris Brown and Shakira — who have both reached out for SHM productions — simply because those types of efforts are not his priority.

“I have my label Axtone, too. It’s not like Shakira isn’t cool. She is cool, It’s just that there was not time for her and also Chris Brown.”

It seems that Axwell will bring a fresh new facet to his super-producer gameplan, and that his inspirations have grown beyond electronic music and deeper than commercial recognition. As Axtone continues to put out some of the greater tracks in progressive house, he will allow himself to grow in more directions.

“I haven’t completely changed but sometimes I like to go maybe a bit deeper.”

If you like what Axwell has done in electronic music, expect more of the same. But if you trust his musical mind, get ready for fresh new talent that he will nurture from unknowns to established singers.

Via: Daily Record

Note: If you are a follower of Axwell, Axtone, or Swedish House Mafia in general, you should read the full interview.

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