Stargazers: Erik ArboresEA

Stargazers: Erik Arbores

We at Dancing Astronaut have realized that our readership is teeming with talent that has yet to be discovered. We’re also incredibly enthusiastic that so many of you have begun to contribute to the EDM community with your own tracks and musical styles — and the incredible amount of promos we get on a daily basis can attest to that. Stargazers is a column that will showcase members of the DA community and recognize their talents as original EDM producers! We encourage all of you to support your fellow DA fanatics- any of you could be headlining Ultra’s Main Stage someday.

Erik van den Boom is a 14 year old producer from the Netherlands who knows a lot more about music than your average kid. He is better known as Erik Arbores and he also happens to be an avid DA fan. His first EP “Take it” was released on Zouk Recordings (a subdivision of Armada Records) in September 2011 and more recently released “Babylon/On the Move” in February. With such success at such a young age there could be big things in Erik’s future. Get to know Erik and listen to his music below.

“Babylon” (Radio Edit) – Erik Arbores

“Bliss” (Original Mix) – Erik Arbores 

When Erik was 4 years old he started playing the piano and learned about chord progressions and melodies. He got into dance music through his sister who enjoyed Alice Deejay and Vengaboys but didn’t considering producing himself until he happened to get a demo of FL Studio.  By the age of 11 Erik had started producing, but he also excelled in school. He completed high school by the age of 13 and went on to study applied physics in the Netherlands. Erik gained media attention because of his age and made multiple appearances on Holland’s most popular talk shows – he found music to be a solid companion.

He first participated in a remix contest by Filip Vandueren in October 2010, and before he knew it, Armada Records was knocking on his door interested in his talents. In September 2011 Erik had his first EP released “Take It” and immediately started getting recognition. He played his first gig at ADE, which then brought him into DJing. His second gig was at Dance4Life in front of a crowd of five thousand people. Erik was crowned new dance artist of the year by iTunes NL. In January Erik decided to focus solely on music and resigned from the University. Keep in mind — this kid is 14.

“Take it”

When creating music, Erik likes to write melodies on the piano then convert them into FL studio. When asked what inspires him he said “the Avicii piano, Nicky Romero acid, Tommy Trash bass, Alesso stutter, and the Afrojack bleep.” He loves experimenting with different genres and hasn’t yet figured out his signature sound.  Although he has said the he considers his style between Avicii and Nicky Romero, “a very melodic break with a ‘raw’ drop.”

Erik likes to compose in different genres as well, like pop music and even classical music, although his main focus still lies on house music.  To him it doesn’t matter “whether [dance music] is underground or mainstream. “ Although he did say that he doesn’t want the mainstream house-hype to damage the underground scene, but right now he only thinks they support each other.

Last week Erik released his first collaboration with fellow Dutchman Sied van Riel, “In Ur Face,” and has another upcoming release with 17-year-old Vida. Although Armada brought Erik his initial success, he recently signed a deal with Spinnin’ records and is planning a release for August.

“In Ur Face”

With such talent at such a young age, Erik Arbores can only head in one direction. He did happen to mention that he’s in the market for a new stage name, so Tweet him or comment on his Facebook page if you have an idea.

“On the Move”

All the music in this post can be purchased on Beatport

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