First entrant evicted from DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, more to comeMiss Diamond

First entrant evicted from DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, more to come

Earlier in the week, we told you that DJ Mag had identified an undisclosed number of participants who had “cheated” in their annual Top 100 DJs poll, and the first DJ has been “evicted.” Miss Diamond is a Swiss DJ whos website proudly proclaims that she “knows no boundaries, whether social, national, or cultural.” Apparently, she also didn’t know the boundaries of the DJ Mag competition, since the publication calls it “quite clear” that she, “or those working on her behalf, half cheated.”

Miss Diamond is pretty much irrelevant to us here at Dancing Astronaut, but the fact that DJ Mag is taking these steps is most definitely not. We are glad that DJ Mag is finally cracking down on the situation. The note on DJ Mag’s website says that “several high-profile DJs are currently under investigation,” and that the methods are “sophisticated but time consuming.” Additionally, the magazine says that it must be “absolutely sure that illegal methods have been used to acquire votes before evicting DJs from the poll.”

Other DJs are safe… for now. We expect to hear much more as DJ Mag continues its investigations.

Via: DJ Mag

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