Miss Diamond responds to DJ Mag cheating allegations: ‘I have not cheated and the accusation is insubstantial!’Top 100 DJs DJ Mag 2012

Miss Diamond responds to DJ Mag cheating allegations: ‘I have not cheated and the accusation is insubstantial!’

DJ Mag made a very bold move late last week when it began releasing the names of cheaters in its Top 100 DJs poll, but the first victim of the scandal is not taking the allegations lightly. Miss Diamond has taken to her Blogspot page to “take the initiative to correct what is currently being said about me.”

Unsurprisingly, Diamond calls the ordeal a “terrible smear campaign… started by people from DJ Mag,” and she reveals that the accusations come at the end of her pregnancy. She rightfully claims that DJ Mag fails to actually clarify where she cheated, and says that the publication has not contacted her or her team as the original article claimed. In the blog post, Miss Diamond declares that she has “nothing to be accused of,” and that “it is impossible to repute unsubstantial accusations.” She goes on to address major allegations from other news outlets, before putting the ball back in the fans’ court — and mentioning casually that she happens to be a lawyer too.

We reached out to Miss Diamond’s camp and have spoken with her manager, who continues to maintain that they were not contacted by DJ Mag at all, and that “we have no missed call or anything seen.” Her manager also tells us that this isn’t the first bout of bad luck for Miss Diamond, as her MySpace page was “taken over” last year, and her website was hacked as well. Why she has become a target for such malicious online targeting is a question we do not have the answer to.

In addition to contacting the accused, we also reached out to DJ Mag who confirms that there will not be “any further comment at this time.”

We’ll admit that the entire situation sounds fishy, and that we would like to see some of the evidence that justifies a move as damning and serious as this. Cheating has apparently been a long-standing problem in the Top 100 DJs poll, and to call out a DJ who ranked 165 last year seems a bit odd to say the least. Many onlookers have remarked that the entire ordeal could be a publicity stunt, and while it is a possibility, we’re suspicious that a long-standing publication like DJ Mag would go to the extreme lengths here just to drum up more buzz.

Whether DJ Mag will continue naming names is yet to be seen — but we suspect the controversy surrounding the already controversial poll is far from over.

Via: Miss Diamond Blogspot

Update: DJ Hook N Sling noted on Twitter that while Miss Diamond has a whopping 156,000 likes on Facebook, only 68 people are actually “talking about this.” Fishy indeed…

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