Good Morning Mix – Norman Cook Essential Mix (6-12-1998)Fatboy Slim 1

Good Morning Mix – Norman Cook Essential Mix (6-12-1998)

Perhaps the most well known producer of the 90s, Norman Cook, under the moniker Fatboy Slim, bridged the gap between the booming underground scene and the mainstream consciousness. With a slew of releases that have stood the test of time, his importance in the US dance culture is undeniable. Heavily influenced by hip hop, funk, and soul, Norman’s style was quickly adopted into pop culture (most of you may remember the incredibly iconic music videos for “Weapon of Choice” and “Praise You.”)

On this essential mix from almost 15 years ago, Norman showcases a wide breadth of classic productions. Opening with the career-defining “Gangster Tripping,” he creates a hip hop-centric masterpiece that features tracks from the Beastie Boys, Wiseguys, Grand Larceny, Loop Da Loop and of course, Afrika Bambaataa. When it comes to creating feel good vibes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a DJ that does it as flawlessly as Mr. Cook – as if you weren’t happy enough that today was Friday.

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01 FatBoy Slim – “Gangster Tripping” (Skint)
02 Beastie Boys – “Body Movin” (Parlaphone)
03 FatBoy Slim – “You’re Not From Brighton” (Skint)
04 The Mohawks – “The Champ” (Pama)
05 Air – “Kelly Watch The Stars” (Virgin)
06 An Der Beat – “Knuf” (Play It Again Sam)
07 FatBoy Slim – “Sho Nuff” (Skint)
08 Hardwire – “Conskank” (whitelabel)
09 Wiseguys – “Start The Commotion” (Wall Of Sound)
10 Grand Larceny – “Stomp” (Southern Fried)
11 Loop Da Loop – “Hazel” (white label)
12 Mint Royale – “Dradbeat” (white label)
13 Stetsaonic – “Talkin All That Jazz” (Tommy Boy)
14 Suburban State – “It’s Yours” (white label)
15 Cold Steel – “Real Rap Superstart” (white label)
16 Afrika Bambaataa – “Get Up & Dance” (white label)
17 Preacher Gus – “On A 45″ (white label)
18 Mr X & Mr Y – “1956″ (Loud & Slow)
19 El Magnifico – “El Magnifico” (ffrr)
20 FatBoy Slim – “Kalifornia” (Skint)
21 Hal 9000 – “Punk Electro” (white label)
22 FatBoy Slim – “Satisfaction Skank” (white label)
23 Buddah Monk – “Gots Like Come On Through” (white label)
24 Mecca – “Rippin Up Shows” (white label)
25 FatBoy Slim – “The Rockafella Skank” (Skint)
26 Joey Beltram – “Energy Flash” (white label)
27 Scott Grooves – “Mothership Reconnection” (Soma)
28 DJ Dealer – “Temptation” (white label)
29 FatBoy Slim – “Soul Surfing” (Skint)
30 Freddie Fresh – “Badder Badder Schwing” (white label)

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