Tiesto at XS Las Vegas: Tracks You Need to KnowTiesto s 2

Tiesto at XS Las Vegas: Tracks You Need to Know

XS at the Encore Las Vegas reaches capacity regardless of what talent is playing inside of the venue, but on the bigger nights, the energy can be downright mindblowing. We were there as Tijs graced the room and took control of the decks at around 1 AM this past weekend and our jaws collectively dropped. He launched into his set with a few tracks from his Club Life album he also effortlessly incorporated a few tunes from last week’s Club Life radio show. The incorporation of the CL radio tracks came as a surprise – normally, DJs tend to play more commercial sets in Las Vegas (as one DJ put it: “the crowd just isn’t as knowledgeable”) – but Tiesto is known to feature up-and-coming tracks, and not necessarily the most mainstream fare on Club Life radio. Just when we thought the night couldn’t get anymore intense, Afrojack made an appearance and pinch-DJed for Tiesto and turned the energy up to 11. Read more about the extravaganza after the break.

1. John Dahlback – Life

A real sleeper track (like too many of Dahlback’s productions, unfortunately),  I really don’t have a rational explanation for why more people didn’t recognize this tune, because it is a progressive bomb. It’s one of those feel good tracks that puts a smile on everyone’s face and has the power to create chills down your spine.

2. Deniz Koyu – Follow You

Again, another uplifting progressive track. Tiesto has been known to drop Deniz’ bouncier tracks such as “Tung” and “Bong,” but people really loved the variety that Tiesto showcased. Switching things up, he played the instrumental version instead of the vocal mix. My tip: upstart DJs should start creating bootlegs of this track ASAP.

Tiesto at XS Las Vegas: Tracks You Need to KnowTiesto s E1346934621133

3. Tiesto & Showtek – Hell Yeah!

Hardstyle/electro fusion at its finest. The crowd was chanting “Hell Yeah!” at all the right moments, inciting the more aggressive fellows in the room to begin fist-pumping furiously.

4. Hardwell – Three Triangles

“Three Triangles” is a deeper sound that fits in a progressive set, but isn’t normally incorporated when played to a commercial crowd. Tijs appeased us and the other choosier listeners with this one – Hardwell is one of the most talented producers in the game, and this might just be his best creation of 2012.

Tiesto at XS Las Vegas: Tracks You Need to KnowGirls s E1346934657573

5. Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Quilla – Walls

Championed by many as the standout track of Tiesto’s Club Life album, it features an emotional vocal that many can relate to.

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