Carl Cox: Ibiza ‘has changed,’ biggest DJs ‘are scared,’ raising awareness ‘I’m in’CARLCO 0

Carl Cox: Ibiza ‘has changed,’ biggest DJs ‘are scared,’ raising awareness ‘I’m in’

To simply refer to Carl Cox as a veteran DJ would be undermining one of the scene’s most important characters. Having represented dance music on all ends for decades, Cox stands as a minister to the genre and an immortal authority in the industry. Conducting the train that is club music, he has remained a leading figure since the day he took the reigns of techno and embraced his responsibility of its global impact.

This week, in an interview with DMC World Magazine, Carl spoke of his always monumental summers in Ibiza, the 10 year anniversary of his Carl Cox Global broadcast, and opened up about his heartwarming life outside the booth.

First thoughts of Carl Cox are normally centered around his dominance of the dance music mecca Ibiza, where he establishes himself as king summer after summer. “There is nowhere quite like Ibiza in the world and there never will,” Carl proclaimed when asked about comparisons to Las Vegas and Croatia. With the rapidly evolving landscape of dance music, Carl acknowledged its impact on the island. “Sure with 21st century life Ibiza has changed, people taking photos with their Smart Phones and the whole social media aspect has opened the island up to the whole world,” he admitted before asserting his own authenticity. “The island and it’s values have never changed for me since the first time I went.”

Carl Cox: Ibiza ‘has changed,’ biggest DJs ‘are scared,’ raising awareness ‘I’m in’Carl Co E1349458796247

As the culture on Ibiza has been increasingly splitting between techno and electro, Cox took the time to reveal his stance. “It’s right down the middle which is great and it showing everyone the yin and yang of where the DJ is at in 2012,” he states in support of the change. Not willing to belittle the rising trends, his optimism pays testament to his open-mindedness and dedication to moving the genre forward.

Carl next responded to the inevitable topic of the world’s biggest DJs playing repetitive sets. “They are scared of stepping out of their ‘2 hour comfort zone set,” he concludes, before adding that “you get what you see on the tin with these guys.” For the sake of the music, he stands by his fellow stars, and rather than degrading the aforementioned fear, he chooses to distance himself from it. “On the other side of the coin you have us lot,” the “old skool DJs.” He says he still gets to play whatever he wants wherever he wants — “where I am, still at the highest level.”

From the club to the airwaves, Carl’s presence has been unavoidable. For a decade now, he has mixed his own broadcast, Carl Cox Global, which he describes as “very simple,” and explains “what you hear on the radio is what you will hear me play in a club or festival.” October 17th marks a milestone, as it will be the 10 year anniversary and 500th episode of CCG, which will be celebrated with a live airing from ADE Amsterdam. “This is a chance for the clubbers to get up close and personal and my music will change accordingly for this set,” Cox boasts of his upcoming landmark broadcast.

Carl Cox: Ibiza ‘has changed,’ biggest DJs ‘are scared,’ raising awareness ‘I’m in’Carl Co Space Opening

In light of his own broadcast, Carl takes us back to a time when he was still tuned into radio shows as an admirer. “Pete Tong in the early days and lots of DJs on Kiss such as Paul Trouble Anderson and Colin Dale with his amazing techno show,” he recalls, along with many other old school figures. Drawing comparisons on broadcasts now and then, he disappointedly explains, “My main reason for tuning into to all of these guys was simply to hear the freshest music around, which unfortunately, doesn’t happen any more.”

The impact of Carl Cox behind the decks is public information, but what the man contributes to society behind the scenes is something bigger than the music, and his generosity towards a dance floor is dwarfed by his generosity to the world in general. Carl is set to a sponsor a philanthropy event this weekend and took the time to touch upon his charitable efforts. “I have worked with lots of other charities,” he humbly states, “I have experienced dealing with people with mental illnesses in my life, we all have and if there is anything I can do to raise the awareness, I’m in.”

After wrapping up his interview, Carl hung up the phone and went on with business as usual, making his accolades and unmatched contributions to dance music and humanity seem effortless. Even the cynics of dance music and club life are left with no bone to pick with Mr. Cox, as his skills are undeniable and his immortal presence supports the growth of the industry’s dizzying facets.

Via: DMC World Magazine

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