PSA: Yolanda Be Cool recalls ‘We No Speak Americano’ because ‘the beats are no longer fresh’

Australian dance pair Yolanda Be Cool — known for their infectious track “We No Speak Americano” — have issued a ‘global recall’ of said single, along with remixes and extended remixes. The duo’s lawyer states the reason for the recall is that “the beats are no longer fresh” and points to evidence in YouTube videos featuring old people and cats dancing to the track. This “misuse” has forced YBC to recall the single, urging listeners to destroy any copies of it. How this move will affect vodka-Red Bull sales, dance parties, and the Internet is still unknown.

On the bright side, Yolanda Be Cool will be partying with Ajax, Drop the Lime, Oh Snap, Bongo, Northbrook and Rubix at Odeon this weekend for the Sweat It Out and Girls Love DJs Global Night.

To help ease the news of the recall, Yolanda Be Cool is issuing a replacement track. The forthcoming “Before Midnight” is part of the producers’ Ladies & Mentalmen album, which will be available in November. The new track sounds nothing like “We No Speak Americano” and offers a huge club sound. Look past the break for the Angger Dimas remix and download it for free.

And don’t forget to let us know what other overplayed tracks you think should be recalled in the comments section.

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