Deadmau5 teases new music, includes Armin van Buuren collaboration (updated)

Since a recent public breakup with celebrity tattoo artist, Kat Von D, Deadmau5 has immediately returned to the studio, crafting music to speak his mind. We knew Deadmau5 has been working on a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren after they were both seen tweeting about it a few weeks ago, and it now seems to be in its near-final stages.

The current rendition of the project has been uploaded to Joel’s personal Soundcloud for fans and it seems like this track is an older more, trance inspired side of Deadmau5.¬†Additionally, we get a taste of some “speakstep” which the mau5 has been working on, featuring a mechanized voice and another track of what seems like just a random melody. Always fun to take a peak inside Joel’s studio and get a sense of what is coming next – listen to his work with AvB below, and the other tracks after the break.

UPDATE:one more added after the break

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