Richard Dinsdale previews forthcoming 'Move On' EP, complete with Angger Dimas remix

Richard Dinsdale previews forthcoming ‘Move On’ EP, complete with Angger Dimas remix

British house producer Richard Dinsdale is offering us a peek of his Move On EP ahead of its November 16th release date. The compilation features two Dinsdale tracks, one of which is remixed by Angger Dimas in signature style. Both of the Dinsdale works are different, yet united by his trademark club style. “Make It” offers an electro feel, full of deep bass and bleepy hiccups — perfect  to get the energy going.  On the other hand, “So Soul” takes it down a notch with mellow guitar riffs and a techy vibe. The track retains the deep bass, though, making it a fit for the club. Angger Dimas’ OMG remix of “Make It” will make you exclaim just that. This version doesn’t fail to dice up the original track in true Angger Dimas fashion. The twisted sound makes the original track almost unrecognizable and infuses it with an unmatched energy that will get dance floors packed. Listen to all three of theMove On offerings beyond the jump.

The EP will be released on the Downright label on November 16th via iTunes and Beatport. 

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