TJR – Ode to Oi (Victor Niglio’s Ethnic Trap Remix)TJR Ode To Oi Victor Niglio Remi

TJR – Ode to Oi (Victor Niglio’s Ethnic Trap Remix)

TJR’s “Ode to Oi” was undoubtedly one of the coolest track tracks of November (it even made our Top 10), as its unique bassline effortlessly rides the line between dutch and acid house. Just as he did with Carnage on their remix of “Cannonball,” Victor Niglio has transformed “Ode to Oi” into a thumping trap anthem. Ramping up the tempo to 140bpm, Victor Niglio preserves TJR’s catchy acid-dutch drop while incorporating lovely string play. There is definitely something “ethnic” about the track, from the Spanish classical guitar, to the “oi” chanting, to the rattling hi-hats. While the response to his and Carnage’s trap rendition of “Cannonball” may have been lukewarm, Victor Niglio’s take on “Ode to Oi” is assuredly a winner. Download it for free from SoundCloud.

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