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Cazzette release final installment of debut album ‘Eject,’ save best for last

With the first ever album to be released exclusively via Spotify, Cazzette have completed the unveiling of their debut LP, Eject. While part one brought their charting single “Beam Me Up” and multi-BPM original “The Rat,” part two saw the release of the melody-driven originals “Weapon” and “I Surrender.” Part three, however, is arguably the most coveted installment of them all. Click past the break to listen to Eject on Spotify, as well as hear our thoughts on the album as a whole.

Highlights of part three include “The Coming” and “Blood Theme.” Formerly known as “Make Some Room,” “The Coming” has been floating around for more than a year. While the original featured a mashup with Daft Punk’s “Technologic,” Cazzette have since scrapped the sample as well as added a mean, wobbly dubstep break. “The Coming” embodies everything we’ve come to love about Cazzette: enthusiastic, digestible electro house, with expertly-timed halftime portions. In the same vein, “Blood Theme” is classic Cazzette “dub house,” and undoubtedly one of our favorite tracks from the album. Playing off the Dexter theme song, “Blood Theme” is chilling, yet clean electro house.

Cazzette – The Coming (Instrumental Mix)

Cazzette – Blood Theme (Original Mix)

This first two parts to Eject hardly match up to its grand finale, which presents the most substance and unquestionably packs the trademark Cazzette oomph. Earlier progressive house originals like “Cream” and “Weapon” fall short of holding weight against offerings from part 3, and even “Renegade” feels like a lackluster dubstep attempt in their shadows. Overall, we were less than thrilled with the format choice for Cazzette’s debut album — three installments, released sparingly over Spotify.

With that in mind, there’s something to be said about the duo’s willingness to take risks. The Spotify release certainly isn’t going to garner them as many album sales, but it will deliver free music to their fans. And while we weren’t head over heels for every track on the album, originals like “Hit Da Face,” “The Rat,” “The Coming,” and “Blood Theme” are impressive stand-alones that will gain their fair share of plays in our music libraries.

Listen to Eject on Spotify

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