Vato Gonzalez – Fail (Original Mix)Vato

Vato Gonzalez – Fail (Original Mix)

I normally don’t condone fist pumping in any capacity whatsoever, but this latest single from Dutch producer Vato Gonzalez literally has me breaking my own rule as we speak (which, as you may imagine, is making it awfully difficult to write this review). An adrenaline junkie’s wet dream from the get-go, “Fail” is a no nonsense, high energy track replete with a seductive hook and pulsating bass line that consistently threatens to make your heart beat right out of your chest.

Featuring an explosive drop preluded with an actual (blood-curdling) scream, this newest mix from the Dirty House DJ is guaranteed to keep you craving more from the moment you hit the play button. With its edgy sound and insanely addictive rhythm, “Fail” will no doubt be blowing up the international club scene within a matter of weeks, so prepare yourself to be fully immersed in the dirtiest of the dirty while tearing up the dancefloor. Here’s hoping I have my slight fist pumping problem under control by then.

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