Battle of the Beats: Flume vs Monsta – Holdin OnBattleofthebeats 2

Battle of the Beats: Flume vs Monsta – Holdin On

Battle of the Beats is a new feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two tracks that share the same title against one another to determine which production represents the name better. With the dance music community continually growing, producers, mashup artists and DJs alike constantly create new music, often of the same name.  Now we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on who’s rendition takes the proverbial cake.

Flume – “Holdin On”

The Australian-hailing producer brings listeners a piercing production with soulful vocals on his version of “Holdin On.” The song is the bonus track off his debut self-titled EP and gives fans a mixture of smooth electronic genres. Working in synthesized bass plugs before Otis Redding lends his powerful vocals, Flume dazzled fans with productions skills beyond his years.

Monsta – “Holdin On”

Discovered by Skrillex and signed to OWSLA, the harmonious trio known as Monsta brought listeners their self-titled debut EP late in 2012 as well. The opening track from the 6-part output was only one of the highlights, bringing dubstep fans a reinvented version of the genre categorized by bass. Monsta’s rendition of “Holdin On” is another soulful production featuring the androgynous vocals of lead singer Skaar, while producers Rocky and Rubio form a cascading beat which emphasizes the power of precisely placed bass drops.

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