Editors’ Selections: Week of February 18th, 2013Editors Selections 2

Editors’ Selections: Week of February 18th, 2013

Editors’ Selections is an opportunity for your favorite Dancing Astronaut contributors to talk about some of the music they’re listening to that we might not always get an opportunity to post about from week to week. Sometimes it’s out there, sometimes it’s obscure, but you’ll always get a peak into what we’re loving behind closed doors. 


Griefjoy – Touch Ground (Yuksek Remix)

Yuksek has worked with Brodinski, The Magician, and a former member of Aeroplane. He tore up the Mixmag DJ Lab. His remix of Griefjoy’s forthcoming “Tounch Ground” is all about the howling indie vocals, punchy disco, and a dash of raw french electro. Any questions?


Midnight Savari – Akasha (The Beginning)

In the vast sea of bleeps and drops, I’m most impressed when I hear a song that stands out from the rest. I love electronic music that ties string and percussion elements back, and that’s exactly is what “Akasha” does with the zither. The genre is described as “spirituality,” which is the only way to describe the transcendent sound Mightnight Savari creates.


Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Coyu Edit)

Taking on a classic is always a risk, but taking a risk on a classic can come up with surprising results. Spain’s Coyu put a tech house spin on Fatboy Slim’s beloved “Right Here Right Now,” giving the track an intoxicating industrial sound. The orchestral intro gives no indication of the direction the track is going, but the juxtaposition was a definite risk worth taking.


BLOND:ISH, Balcazar & Sordo Feat. Bastard Love – Island Eyes

I love it when deep house goes dark. With a menacing take on the trademark Hot Creations funk bass, Blond:ish & Balcazar & Sordo outdid themselves on one of the most memorable tracks off the label’s latest Hot Waves compilation. Trippy female vocals and attention to detail elevate this production heads and shoulders above its imitators.


A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night (Prod. by Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam)

Opening my ears to more hip-hop this week, but naturally remaining attached to electronic grooves, A$AP Rocky found his way to the top of my on-the-go playlist. You’ve heard “Fuckin Problems” one too many times on the radio, but “Wild For The Night” is the keeper from Rocky’s latest album. Why? Production comes from Skrillex and OWSLA understudies Birdy Nam Nam. Is this dubstep? Rap? Trap? Who knows. Who cares.


Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good (Original Mix)

I’m a sucker for smooth disco house, and Satin Jackets latest “You Make Me Feel Good” just does what the title suggests. A subtle beat and soothing melodies develop into the perfect track for a dehydrated Saturday morning. Easy on the ears and that nagging migraine, “You Make Me Feel Good” is a warm hug in audio form.


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