Tomorrowland announces TomorrowWorld, expanding the festival on a global scale

When news first broke about SFX’s partnership with ID&T and supposed worldwide expansion, it was met with both excitement and hesitation. Could the Tomorrowland experience be replicated on a global scale? Only time would tell. This weekend, after selling out over 180,000 tickets in mere seconds to residents of 214 different countries, Tomorrowland became the largest international gathering in the world, beating out the Olympics in London.

With the announcement of TomorrowWorld, the legendary festival intends to provide another opportunity for dance music fans to experience the magic. This time the festival will touch down in an undisclosed location on September 27th, 28th and 29th of 2013.  It’s anyone’s guess where the festival will establish itself next but with Sillerman pulling at least some of the strings, North America may be the first stop of the TomorrowWorld legacy.

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