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Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney exploring electronica for next album

Paul McCartney has come a long way since producing some of the world’s most adored classic tunes with The Beatles dating back to the 1960s, but is looking to experiment with electronic sounds in 2013. Producer Mark Ronson has confirmed that he’s collaborated with McCartney on his forthcoming album, and has revealed even more surprising details in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Most notably, he mentions that the legendary musician desires a moombah-style sound and is looking to replicate Diplo‘s production style for Usher’s “Climax.”

“He came in one day playing some post-Bonde do Role baile funk-moombahton thing, asking, ‘How do we get this kind of energy?’ And then he played me ‘Climax’ by Usher, and he was like, ‘I love where all the sonics sit in this.'”

Via: Spin


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