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Ten Years of Size: Junior Sanchez talks Size Records, impact on dance music, partnership for Brobot, and more in exclusive interview

One man who has seen house music and Size Records grow together over the past decade has been Junior Sanchez. Long time friend and collaborator with Steve Angello, Sanchez has recently teamed up with the brand to launch his own Brobot imprint to expand their collective influence. We recently had the chance to sit down with Junior on the brink of Size Records’ 10 year anniversary where he discussed everything from his friendship with Steve Angello to the impact that Size has had on dance music. Among the wise words from one of industry’s most respected veteran talents, he explains how he’s joined forces to help change the game with Brobot and looks into future of dance music as commanded by himself and Steve.

How would you describe Size Records’ impact on dance music over the past year?

It’s helped evolve it, it’s helped define a sound, it’s helped define a generation. Size is Steve’s brainchild where he just wanted to release records that just devastate dance floors — and he accomplished it. A lot of amazing records have come out of that camp and I think now with the next generation of Size, there’s going to be some interesting, cool progressive changes and stuff happening. I’m looking forward to Size progressing.

What is your favorite release from Size Records that has contributed to that impact?

One of my favorites is “Atom.” Just for the simple fact that it’s an industrial monster. When that drop comes in, you can’t escape it — it kills you. That helped define a sound too. After that record, everyone mimicked it, everyone is mimicking an “Atom” drop. That’s dope when you can influence every other producer trying to create what you created. It was cool to see that one record could change a sound for two years.

You and Steve Angello go way back to earlier days of dance. How did you meet and what is your relationship like?

We became friends through Laidback Luke. Me and Laidback Luke go way back to the mid-90s, me and him used to have a band together. I met Steve in Amsterdam, we went to dinner and became friends. How we actually became friends was by talking about music and family and our values, our views, and our creative views. We just have always had a mutual respect for one another. He was always telling me that he was influenced for Size by a lot of stuff that I did with my old label, Cube. When I decided to come back and to make electronic music, the first person I decided to release from was Steve. It was just natural, just friends and friends.

How did you guys go about launching your new Brobot imprint?

The plan with Brobot is the same mentality – if I can play it I’ll release it. It could be a progressive record… but it better be the illest progressive record I’ve ever heard in my life. Or it could be a techno record, but it’s got to be the illest techno record. It’s about good records. I think kids should realize there are a lot of styles of music out there and it’s not just the same chord structure or progression or arrangements of music. You don’t need a drop all the time to have a good time. It’s cool to discover and it’s cool to actually dance to techno or dance to other records. It’s fun, enjoy. For example, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano are some of my favorite DJs — it’s banging, sexy and at the same time it destroys dance floors. A dope record is a dope record no matter what genre it is.

What can we expect the sound to be that’s going to come from Brobot?

The sound of Brobot is literally good quality dance music. Dope electronic dance music. It’s kind of like food — if it’s good it’s good. You don’t eat pasta everyday or you don’t eat clams everyday, you go to a restaurant and there’s a menu. So Brobot is a menu of good shit and it’s going to be a menu that you can choose from. So if you’re into clams one day you’re going to get the best clams, if you’re into risotto you’re going to get the illest risotto. It’s a menu of electronic music. You come into Brobot, you listen and enjoy.

Where do you see Size, Brobot, and the state of that sort of progressive house in another 10 years? 

I think everything is going to evolve and evolve for the better. I think kids are going to have fun and they’re going to discover everything. I think genres are even going to cross pollinate more. I think the deep heads will appreciate where the more harder house is going and the more harder house people will appreciate where the deeper house is going. Everyone should have a mutual respect for each others craft and art. It’s a community, dance music is the ultimate community of love and respect. It’s not hip-hop where you’ve got to battle each other, you’ve got to support each other. We’ve just finally got America to recognize it, so let’s have a good time with it, support it, and not bash it.

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