Coyote Kisses – Thundercolor EPCoyote Kisses Thundercolor

Coyote Kisses – Thundercolor EP

With the release of their new sophomore EP Thundercolor, Coyote Kisses have proven to be one of the more creative production duos around. Having won both the Mad Decent remix contest for “Titan” as well as the popular vote in the Beatport remix competition for Seven Lions’ “Days to Come,” their appeal is quite evident. The new EP consists of four originals of varying genre and tempo, all pervaded by live instrumentation and a friendly, noninvasive overtone. Rather than try to mold their sound to well-established stereotypes, Coyote Kisses have crafted their own brand of intriguing, instrumental bass music. Click past the break to stream the entire EP.

Thundercolor begins with “Diving at Night,” a sedative tour through a lush soundscape of colorful pads. Next is “Stay With You,” a riveting drumstep production with some excellent vocal manipulation and percussive work. “This is How You Know” follows, exuding a happy, carefree vibe, and a near-midtempo rhythm. Rounding out the EP is “Changing Guard,” an invigorating, bassy original boosted by silky electric guitar riffs and smooth drum work. “Changing Guard” is available for free download from their Facebook.

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