After EDC Chicago, Joliet residents continue voicing complaintsEdc Chicago Day Two Kabik3

After EDC Chicago, Joliet residents continue voicing complaints

Over Memorial Day Weekend, residents of Joliet, Illinois were very disturbed by the celebration of the first Electric Daisy Carnival in Chicagoland — over 500 noise complaints were filed against the festival in the three day period. Although Joliet City manager was hopeful the festival would be welcome back in following years and Insomniac cited they immediately complied by turning down the sound on all of its stage by 33 percent, residents continued to voice their concern at Monday’s city council meeting in the Chicago suburb.

One resident claimed the bass vibrations were so bad in her home that they “shook the crib where her infant daughter was sleeping” and her daughter was so upset it “took her until 6 o’clock in the morning to calm her down.” Other focused more on the late curfew, explaining they did not want to keep “dancing around the biggest issue” (probably no pun intended) and urging the festival to end before its 4 a.m. scheduled time.

If the festival does return (and Insomniac has not weighed in on the matter yet), residents will most likely seek an order from the Illinois Pollution Control Board to place sound and vibration monitors at the venue to ensure noise passes legal standards and limits.

via The Herald-News (a Chicago Sun-Times publication)

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