Moby launches, gifts music to non-profit filmmakers and students

Music has always been an integral part of the film making and watching process but for those without big bucks and/or big connections, securing the rights to tracks is sometimes impossible due to the process’s often time-consuming and expensive nature. In 2008, Moby set out to make this process easier and more accessible with his aptly titled project MobyGratis. The website offers over 150 tracks from Moby’s catalog to independent and non-profit filmmakers and film students for free.

Although fans aren’t able to simply download his entire catalog for their personal use, those with legitimate non-profit film making purposes shouldn’t encounter any red tape.┬áThe process is intentionally simple: create an account, browse the catalog, fill out an application, and within 24 hours applicants will have a response. Filmmaking hopefuls shouldn’t be too concerned about the approval process as Moby can’t recall an instance where they’ve denied a request.

Moby’s tracks have been unforgettably featured in numerous feature films including The Beach and Heat, but in another admirable move he hasn’t made a penny off their use, opting instead to donate to the Humane Society.

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