Wavefront Music Festival Artist Spotlight #2: Guy GerberGuy Gerber

Wavefront Music Festival Artist Spotlight #2: Guy Gerber

For part two of our Artist Spotlight series in the lead up to Wavefront Music Festival in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend, let’s talk about Guy Gerber. Guy is an Israeli export, a dynamic techno and house producer, and in Resident Advisor’s top live acts poll from last year, he appeared in the number two spot — right behind Nicolas Jaar. He released his first album Late Bloomers on Cocoon Recordings in 2007, and since then has consistently and reliably been producing, performing, and shaping new expectations for what live performance in dance music means. He also runs his own label Supplement Facts and hand draws his own album art.

This year, he’s also returned to Pacha Ibiza for his weekly Wisdom of the Glove party, an idea that springs from booking daring acts, making everything a little over-the-top, and featuring one $150,000 glove at the event. He’s bringing in everyone from Four Tet to Matthew Dear to play alongside him this summer, and he’ll be working hard as usual to present unique live concepts — using a background in rock and shoe-gaze and playing bass over a drum machine, or simply working to unify the party spirit in Ibiza a bit more. He doesn’t seem to subject himself to genre specifications, in his own words, he plays “party music.”

So for all of his accomplishments and promise, Gerber also made an entire original album while on the road that he’s now offering up for free download. Perhaps the best modern example of the sounds and emotions seeping out of his mind and into his music, Who’s Stalking Who? is the perfect way to spotlight this artist, right before we get to see him on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

1. One Arm Man Blues (Intro) 00:31
2. The Night of the Glove 08:56
3. I Never Wandered Where Your Heart Beats 04:02
4. Disorientation (2013 Version) 04:06
5. 25 Stitches 04:54
6. Can I Borrow Your Knife 06:10
7. Sign Of The Times 04:40
8. Who’s Stalking Who? 05:52
9. Chaim- Blue Shadows (GG White Isle Remake) 08:47
10. Irma and Lynda Bang The Drums 05:52
11. Run Herman, Run (Outro) 02:06

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