Wavefront Music Festival Artist Spotlight #4: AC SlaterAc Slater

Wavefront Music Festival Artist Spotlight #4: AC Slater

Growing up in West Virginia, AC Slater¬†– real name Aaron Clevenger – got his start as a hip-hop DJ at the ripe age of 14 after spending much of his childhood making mixtapes on an old TDK D-C60. It wasn’t until he heard The Chemical Brothers that the Trouble & Bass mainstay became obsessed with the electronic side of music production. Joining the T&B crew in 2008 after moving to New York City, AC began working with guys like Drop The Lime and Dell Harris, setting into motion a string of friendships and a career that continues to burn bright.¬† His production and performance style is strangely eclectic but distinctly his own. Focusing primarily on the bassier aspects of dance music, an AC Slater¬†performance is a shocking blend of hip-hop, bass music and techno – all with a distinct New York City twist. His own outputs run the gamut from electro house to dark techno and are oftentimes littered with strange samples and sound effects, adding personality to his production style. While Wavefront may feature a predominantly house and techno cast of characters, Slater’s presence at the festival is not one to miss – his performance will likely be one of the most unique (and bass heavy) of the weekend.

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