EDC London 2013: Who you cannot miss at Insomniac’s first jaunt overseasEdc London

EDC London 2013: Who you cannot miss at Insomniac’s first jaunt overseas

This Saturday, Insomniac’s Electronic Daisy Carnival will make its long anticipated European debut in London. As one of the few cities to host the legendary festival brand outside of North America, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will bring their eccentric live dance experience to the unsuspecting capital city – who’s who line-ups and big-scale productions in tow.

With two of our editors on hand to document their UK debut, these are DA’s top picks for the big day:

Dan’s Picks

Steve Angello

Steve Angello

For an artist as ornamented as Swedish icon Steve Angello, downtime is seldom an option come summer. Between holding the fort for his Size Records imprint and recently formed X label, scouring the global festival circuit and the fulfilling road to his debut album with a spell of long overdue release, his days past Swedish House Mafia have shown no sign of laurels being rested on as yet. Steve’s returns to London are always a big affair, making EDC London a rare and wonderful opportunity for fans new and old to relish in fluid sets and unparalleled energy that Sweden’s busiest house entrepreneur continues to deliver. Let’s just pray for the seven-deck wizardry he brought to the equation during last year’s fleeting visit.

Steve Angello VS Matisse & Sadko – SLVR (Original Mix)

Shy FX

Shy FX

There was a time when the fluid drum & bass reigned supreme over the sound of British festival season. Before the upheaval of dub step and a wealth of bass-focussed handles, the jungle-savvy pseudonym of Andre Williams could be found behind such essential summer anthems as “Shake Ur Body” and outspoken drum & bass landmark “Everyday,” and his influence has not been lost to modern times. Shy FX’s jungle-primed get-up has translated seamlessly into global dance music’s vast live arenas. Joined by familiar mouthpiece Stamina MC, Shy is sure to travel the motions past, present and future of his craft, collecting his own hits and high-profile remixes to take those as shamelessly long on the beat as myself back to a far simpler time for British rave culture.

Shy FX – Everyday (Original Mix)

Leah’s Picks

mat zo edc set 2013

Mat Zo

I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Mat Zo a couple years ago when I stumbled across an opening mix he did for Above & Beyond. For whatever reason, I haven’t seen him live yet making EDC London the perfect spot to witness his brilliance. I do believe Mat is one of the most underrated producers out there with his perfectly mastered fusion of progressive and trance. Whenever I listen to his sets at home I’m completely taken away by both the song choices and superior mixing ability. With rumours in the air of new music coming shortly, I need to experience it first hand.

Mat Zo feat. Linnea Schossow -The Sky (Original Mix)


Dirty South

I experienced Dirty South last year at EDC Vegas which proved to be one of my favorite sets of the festival. I love being amongst the crowd belting out his emotional, lyric-driven songs like “City of Dreams” and “Walking Alone,” while I’m also a big fan of his vintage remixes like “Buy Now” and “Sorry.” His sets give you that feel good, festival rush where you can’t help but feel elated while singing along. After reading my co-writer’s review on his blow out at Governor’s Island supported by his Phazing Records crew, I’m highly anticipating hearing his upcoming material along with Speed of Life live for the first time.

Dirty South – Your Heart (Original Mix)

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