Mitch Murder – The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix) [Free Download]Mitch Murder Lifelike Remi

Mitch Murder – The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix) [Free Download]

Bursting at the seams with Eighties nostalgia, LIFELIKE’s remix of Mitch Murder’s “The Touch” is everything you loved about 80s synthpop without the bad haircuts and worse outfits. Methodically paced, the French maestro’s rendition is 7-minutes of Eighties archetypes, a subdued soundscape suitable for the score of any of the “futuristic” movies of yesteryear. LIFELIKE’s French house inspired, robo-symphony is available for free download today on Mad Decent’s Jeffree’s imprint. ¬†Mitch Murder’s full EP will be available on Thursday, July 25th.

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