Rusko releases ‘Lift Me Up’ EP on OWSLARusko Lift Me Up EP

Rusko releases ‘Lift Me Up’ EP on OWSLA

Rusko’s direction is always difficult to anticipate, but perhaps there is allure in unpredictability. Often credited with helping spawn the controversial phenomenon of “brostep,” Rusko later renounced the style as his bastardized child. The bass music mercenary then went on to produce Songs, a much more experimental, melody-based album.

For his newest release, Rusko joins OWSLA for a three-piece Lift Me Up EP, consisting of a medley of styles from liquid to drumstep. The title track has elicited the largest response thus far, likely due to its balance of harmonious synth and vocal lines with grungier bass elements. “Starlight” is a clear standout as well, showcasing Rusko’s more melodic, liquid sympathies. On the whole, the EP features faster tempos than previous Rusko releases, with all three productions hovering around drum ‘n’ bass range.

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