Sidney Samson feat. Killfake – Revenge of Acid (Original Mix) [Preview]Sidney Samson

Sidney Samson feat. Killfake – Revenge of Acid (Original Mix) [Preview]

Dutch house exemplar and Rock The Houze forbearer Sidney Samson has seemingly balanced the best of both worlds, rallying fatal floor fuel originals and high profile remix duties alike throughout his career. Last found behind the wheel of Dreamfields 2013 anthem “Good Time,” Samson keeps the floor-fuel coming, this time alongside up-and-coming Dutch peers Killfake. A grinding electro set piece of chugging riffs and mechanical beats, “Revenge of Acid” nods solemnly to the infamous acid sound whilst injecting a good proportion of Samson’s own festival-proofed get-up. With the flood gates now open for Killfake to show the full extent of what they are made of, Samson’s latest collaborative stint is sure to fare well on his global tour duties for the remainder of the summer.

Purchase: Beatport (August 26)

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